Overview of project “The golden cage”

young effect raksts

Many EU countries got affected by the financial crisis of the last years. The group of people affected the most were youth aged 18 to 30 years old who cannot find a job or any educational opportunity. The EU observed that the numbers of youth who are not working, making training or studying are rapidly increasing and decided to create a new term to first recognize this group and then to take action. Youth Not in Education, Employment and Training (so on called NEETs) have been the main focus of the  training course that took place in Arma di Taggia (Italy) from 4th to 11th May.

The aim of “The golden cage” was to share experiences, knowledge and exchange good practices for the creation and management of socio-educational activities which directly support the NEETs and achieve the highest possible impact for them and their local communities. The project targeted skills development for youth workers and competences that assisted them to improve their daily work.

Our Association was represented by 2 delegates that contribute in the implementation of the project and shared their experience with other 20 representatives from 8 different European countries.

Project had been organized by Young Effect Association that is based in Magenta (Italy).